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OMAZONE (Ben Wintle) is a Melbourne, Australia based independent, musician, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. "Home Time!" is his debut solo album released in February 2017:

“I love a wide variety of musical styles, so I wanted this album to contain a wide variety of styles, using different instruments, rhythms and percussion on each song. Every vocal was to be delivered and recorded differently, with a wide variety of backing vocals to make each song very distinct.

After first playing live in primary school, years of playing live in original/covers bands, some touring interstate and several studio recordings, I decided to take some time out from the day job to write, record and produce a solo album.”

On this album all instruments are arranged and played by B Wintle, except Track Two, which includes a ripping guitar solo played by the amazing and talented Bryan Dodge. All songs were written by B Wintle, except Track Eight where the words are by B Wintle, the music was written by B Wintle and Aaron Russell. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by B Wintle.


released January 25, 2017



all rights reserved


OMAZONE Melbourne, Australia

OMAZONE (B Wintle) from Melbourne Australia releases his debut album "Home Time!" in 2017, covering a wide range of styles from rock, pop, folk and funk to orchestrated pop and blues. After years of playing live, OMAZONE has written, recorded, produced and performed all of the songs on this melodic and diverse new album. It is available as a digital download or on limited edition CD. Play it loud! ... more

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Track Name: Black And Disabled
1. Black and Disabled - (Words and Music Ben Wintle)

I am black, I am disabled and I’m nearly six years old
Just a girl in a sandpit on my own
And when the sun comes out, you know if makes me feel so warm
And I know, that I can make it on my own

(Chorus) Well I’m thankful, for all the joy life’s given me
And I do not want, the things that I have not
The life shown in magazines, it ain’t nothin’ like what it seems
So I’m happy, with who I am right now

I have no legs, I’m in a wheelchair, so I roll on down the road
I have my sight, my sound and the hair upon my head
I love my music, I play it loud and I like to sing along
We don’t need “it all”, to sing a happy song!

So when the stock market crashes, or you lose your job
It doesn’t really matter.
If your car breaks down on the wrong side of town
It doesn’t really matter, doesn’t really matter. No!
Track Name: Let Loose On The Weeknd
2. Let Loose On The Weekend - (Words and Music Ben Wintle)

Good evening sinners and welcome to the show
Now it’s time to move like you never have before
There’s a need to proceed with good times all agreed!
WWWhhooooo sha-lah! Let loose on the weekend!

Some people do, some people don’t
Some say they will and some say they won’t
So I’ll be keepin it clean, if you know what I mean!
WWWhhooooo sha-lah! Let loose on the weekend!

(Chorus) Let Loose!!!!! Let Loose!!!! Let loose on the weekend!!!
We’ll all get some booty, booty my friend!
And you all have yourselves - a good weekend. Let Loose!!!!

I’ve been workin’ all week, I been workin’ round the clock,
Now it’s time to get away - and tell the boss to get f
I’d like to drink whiskey find a girrrrrl and get frisky!
WWWhhooooo sha-lah! Let loose on the weekend!
Track Name: Omazone Chromazone Blues
3. Omazone Chromoazone Blues - (Words and Music Ben Wintle)

Weeeeel come, over here baby - do it with ease
If you don’t eat the right foods, you could get a disease
Buy Australian Made, they’ve always said it’ll make us all true blue
Don’t smoke cigarettes! And wear an orthopaedic shoe
Omazone/Chromazone – it’s givin’ me the, the Omazone Blues!

Well people from overseas, c-c-come over here
They all look very nice, I hope they like the beer!
Don’t put salt on your chips, or eat MSG
Always practice safe sex, I wonder if you agree?
Omazone/Chromazone – it’s givin’ me the, the Omazone Blues!

Well Minnie said to Mickey, M-M-Mickey Mouse
Let’s go down to the bank for some money for our first house
Mickey said that interest rates, were risin’ right before their eyes
If you’re a first home buyer, I guess that’s no surprise!
Omazone/Chromazone – it’s givin’ me the, the Omazone Blues!

Well don’t spray anything, into the air
Use only natural conditioner, for your coloured hair
We sit on a polluted beach, with our bucket and spade
Don’t chop down the trees, cause it gives you aids!
Omazone/Chromazone – it’s givin me the, the Omazone Blues!
Alright, alright, alright, alright!
Track Name: The Shelf
4. The Shelf - (Words and Music Ben Wintle)

Step off the edge and you will fly, that shit on TV makes me want to cry
The video shop looks like a sty, where people fill their face with cheap American Pie
Now I don’t wanna’ go to work, I don’t wanna go to school
I’m not gonna’ live my life by someone else’s Golden Rule
You’ve got to solve it for yourself
Spend all your time makin’ money, you put your life on the shelf

The CEO says: “I’m a consumer! So watch me consume!”
His mother says: “Son! What are you doing? Get back into your room!”
Now there’s a prince and there’s a pauper, in the same robber’s roost,
Watching movies from their childhood, cause it gives them both a boost!
You’ve got to solve it for yourself
Spend all your time makin’ money, you put your life on the shelf

The Taliban called the Helpdesk, but they put his call on hold
He hadn’t heard of Tom Cruise, so they left him in the cold!
All the great things we attempted, all the great things that we saw
We packed the jobs in, said “Goodbye!”, then we walked out the door
You’ve got to solve it for yourself
Spend all your time makin’ money, you put your life on the shelf

Spend all your time makin’ money – Get there on time!
Spend all your time makin’ money – Flexitime!
Spend all your time makin’ money – OVERTIME!
Spend all your time makin’ money, you put your life on the shelf!
Track Name: Milkshakes Cornflakes
Instrumental spy/action movie type theme!
Track Name: Love of A Broken Heart
6. Love of A Broken Heart - (Words and Music Ben Wintle)

Waltz on in ribbons and bows
Go ask someone who knows
The secrets, that you want disclosed
Are something, they’ll never put on show
No reason to despair
When there’s no one standing by your side
So come out with us, on the town tonight
No reason to stay home and hide

(Chorus) Love of a broken heart
It can tear some apart
But you’ve still got a long way to go

There’s something lying in your memories
As the one eyed hunchback, lies down to queeze
You don’t suffer from any social disease
You feel there’s something missing
Can someone, help you please?

Just give it time and you’ll pull through
Because there’s so much left for you to do
With a smile on your face you can look to the sun
This is something that happens to everyone
Track Name: Your Name
8. Your Name

(Words by Ben Wintle, Music Ben Wintle & Aaron Russell)

Some of the things I do
Haven’t quite been thought through
Is it the same for you?
She waits for me under the stars
I listen to “Venus and Mars”
In life can we really go far?

(Chorus) I turn my eyes to see you, how I wish I knew your name
She walks on by, I’m hypnotised - just the same
I wish I knew your name
I think I love you just the same
How I wish I knew your name

She – is fine as a woman can be
She turns it on for all to see
See just what she’s doing to me
I watch but I never will try
To understand the reasons why
The woman drives me wwwiilllddd…..

If I had only one wish and that wish could come true
I’d wish, yeah I’d wish, I’d wish a wish for your name
Yeah I’d wish for you
How I wish, how I wish I knew your name
Track Name: Doctor of Lurve
9. Doctor of Lurve - (Words and Music Ben Wintle)

The preacher is dead; and all your faith is gone
Nightfall comes, but you got to move on
Your money is tight, savage fear is comin’ to town
You search for respite, but there ain’t none to be found

(Chorus) The doctor’s coming, to check it out baby
The doctor’s coming, to make you feel alright
Everything alright, everything’s alright!
Cause I’m a Doctor of Lurve!

You say you want to be free; and that you can’t hold on
You want to sing out loud, without the words to the song
If your temperature’s rising, and if you need a fix
You want to take it slow; Baby, I know what it is!
Track Name: Interconnection
10. Interconnection - (Words and Music Ben Wintle)

It seems so funny, come on now honey, tell me what do you say?
We got the money, so do you want to, get up and play?
Now it’s time for leisure
Time for pleasure
Time to dig up all your, buried treasure!

(Chorus) When the more we care, the less we show it
I see the way you move, so take my mind and blow it!
We got it! Interconnection
She got it! Chemistry
We got it! Interconnection
Just you, wait and see

Africa to Peru, we got so much to do, with this funky groove
We got everything we need
Good dance moves and some speed
And fuckin’ funky shoes!
Now it’s time for leisure
Time for pleasure
Time to dig up all your, buried treasure!